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NOTE: Most problems can be fixed by performing these three steps (this applies to every app you own):
1. Restart your device. Turn it off then turn it back on.
2. Delete the app then re-download it from the iTunes Store. You won’t have to pay twice.
3. Make sure your device is not running out of space / memory. This will cause the app to crash. Make some room by deleting a few apps you don’t use anymore.

Why am I being charged for the free update? The update is free to all owners of PhotoCrash 2. If iTunes is charging you, it is because you are using an Apple ID other than the one you used to buy the app. Request a refund through your iTunes account or email us and we will refund you directly via PayPal.

Can I try before I buy?
PhotoCrash 2 is free with 270 hi-res images and many categories of Backgrounds. If you want more, there are in-app purchases available.

What do the gold padlocks on the Backgrounds categories mean?
That is an in-app purchase. You can see the Backgrounds but you can’t click and use them until you have made the purchase. You can open all locked categories for just 99¢.

Why are most of the images un-clickable and have lines through them?
Those are in-app purchases. You can open 3-4 categories each for 99¢. Or save two dollars and open all Images categories for $3.99.

Why isn’t everything free?
This is our job. This is how we earn a living. Do you work for free? You’re getting thousands of dollars worth of hi-res, painstakingly cut-out images for pennies. Stop whining about a few bucks, which is more than you’d pay for a coffee.

I can’t resize, move or zoom the images.
Your fingers have to be inside the dimensions of whatever background photo you choose.

The Edit icons have no names.
Tap and hold any icon to get the name and function.

I’ve added an image but now I want to delete it. I press Trash but nothing happens.
When editing, there always has to be at least one image on the photo. So if you want to remove element one, add element two. Then tap element one and push the Trash icon.

What if I wanted to use only the elements in another editing app or program?
The last background in the free Air Backgrounds category is a transparent png. Choose it as your background, pick your elements then tap Done as usual. The app will export a hi-res png file with a transparent background to whatever location you choose.

What does png mean?
A png file is a graphics format, like a jpg. But a png is better quality than a jpg. It also allows you to have a transparent background. The same programs that open jpg can open png. Everything you save or share from PhotoCrash 2 will be in a png format.

In Edit mode, what does the yellow outline around the images mean?
Yellow means the top layer. When adding multiple images, you must make the new layer the top layer before manipulating it. The colored boxes will not appear on the final artwork you save or share.

In the Text tool, I tap a different color or try to add an outline but all I get is plain black text.
You have to hold and select the word/s before you make any changes.

What font do I use to make a meme?
Use the Impact font, white letters with a black outline.

Can I edit a photo I've already finished and saved?
Yes. Whenever you open any PhotoCrash photo from your library, you will be asked whether you want to Edit it or Add more images. Press Edit. It doesn't matter how long as it's been. You can always return and edit a photo.

Where are the original PhotoCrash and PhotoCrash Fright?
They were removed from the App Store because they no longer work with the current iOS. You can help make these updates happen faster by taking a few seconds to click some stars in Reviews in the App Store.

Can I send you pictures I've done?
Sure, we'd love to see what mayhem you've created. Send us your stuff on the Contact Us page and we may post them on Facebook or our User Gallery. You can attach images at the bottom of the email page.

Will there be any more versions of PhotoCrash?
We're working on PhotoCrash Cats and PhotoCrash Fright 2 as well as updates to the original PhotoCrash and PhotoCrash Fright. Leaving a review for PhotoCrash 2 or clicking some stars will make all these happen faster.

If you have a question and you don't see the answer, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form on the Contact Us page.

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